Our project is located in Mathare and its neighbouring areas

Mathare is among the poorest areas in Kenya. In Kenya the places is often regarded as lawless dens of squalor, misery and vice. Zama Zama dance and development centre is the leading not for profit Organization delivering value based dance programmes and development initiatives. The project inspires and empowers children and youth to improve their knowledge, skills, and status by increasingly exposing them to dance, education, health information, multimedia trainings and livelihood opportunities.

As Mathare area is certainly full of desperately poor people, some so desperate that they become thugs and prostitutes. With their low self esteem, the girls are vulnerable to sexual predators and face a high risk of teenage pregnancies, early marriages and AIDS infection. But that’s only part of the reality in Mathare. The larger reality is that over 70% are hard working mothers and their children. Those children didn’t choose to be poor. They were simply born poor and are just as innocent, intelligent and talented as children in richer communities and countries.