Support Zama Zama Dance

By donating to Zama Zama dance, you will help the project deliver more services to the communities. By contributing:-

a) 30$ Will cover for the costs of teaching basic computer skill to slum schools and hence improve computer literacy levels to the under privileged children.

b) 40$ Will help buy cleaning equipments that will help keep the slum environment clean and also help create awareness on proper sanitation and hygiene by organizing workshops and trainings for community members.

c) 50$ Will sponsor a youth to attend a leadership and Hiv Aids prevention training.

d) 60$ Will help train a youth on photography and basic multi-media skills.

e) 70$ will help build the capacity of our volunteers leaders to enhance professional reporting and delivery of the project.

f) 80$ Will help keep a child in school for one year in the slums.

g) 100 $ Will help buy dance equipments for one child.

h) 200$ Will help plan a dance workshop hence improve the capacity for volunteer dance instructors for Zama Zama Dance and Development Centre.

i) 300$ Will help organize a dance festival for 150 children.

j) 400$ Will help organize a free medical camp for children from the slums hence improve their health status.

k) 500$ Will help Zama Zama dance and Development Centre own a Dance studio where slum youth can learn and improve their dance skills.

l) 600$ Will help keep one child from the slum in a professional dance academy/agency for 1 years.