Talent Development

At the heart of everything we do is our love for dance. Once we are registered in one of the dance teams, then we are exposed to other development
initiatives that Zama Zama dance and development centre undertakes on a day to day basis. Our members are not limited to how much time they can spend on our dance centres. The keen dancers among us can spend as much time at the centre as possible while others can choose to spend their time helping out with HIV/AIDS awareness or at the multimedia training centres. Zama Zama currently operates in 3 different centres.


Zama Zama Community Dance Centres

In order to become a member of Zama Zama Dance and development centre, each young  person has to be registered as a member of one of the dance teams. This qualifies them for participation in the organisation’s other activities and projects. The way that the Zama Zama model works is that, by participating in the organisation’s other activities such as environmental clean-ups; participants can gain points for their dance team and boost their position during the dance festival. This provides a strong incentive for taking part in new activities and gaining skills and education that will open up new opportunities for them in later life.